Strong Community Leader:

Sean Tarwater has always given back to the community and has been a moral and dependable community leader. Starting back in high school, Sean endeavored to be a community leader that made a difference.  Recent positions (over the past 10 years) have been rewarding and impactful.  Tarwater served several years on the Finance Council at St Michael the Archangel Catholic Church and School and as Chairman of the council for his final year.  He has been President of the River Ridge Homes Association for the past 5 years and has been a volunteer member of the Neighborhood Night Patrol for 4 years.  The patrol virtually stopped crime in its tracks and made River Ridge a safe community for our families.

Team Tarwater Strong Community Leader

Picture above is of the groundbreaking for Saint Michael the Archangel Catholic Church.  From left to right: Sean Tarwater, Fr. Bill Porter, Archbishop Joseph Nauwmann, and Fr. Mitchel Zimmerman.

Successful Businessman:

Sean Tarwater has owned and operated several small businesses and knows the hard work and dedication it takes to make a good business work.   As a successful small businessman, he can work to help the Kansas economy grow by helping others build their business by warding off cumbersome regulations, keeping taxes fair and affordable, and working to make state business processes easier to navigate and less cumbersome.

Family Man:

Sean grew up in a large family of 7 with parents that worked hard to raise them with solid morals and a strong sense of community giving.  His mother was a teacher and homemaker and his father was a hard working small businessman. Tarwater’s family was always involved socially and his mother and father were always volunteering to help in community events.  Sean is married to Lexie Tarwater. Lexie is the daughter of two teachers.  Her father was also a Texas high school football coach.  Together, Sean and Lexie work hard to raise 4 wonderful boys, age 18, 15, 13 and 10 and they are is raising them in much the same way they were. Tarwater is hopeful you will be able to meet his children on the campaign trail this year.

As a devout Catholic, Tarwater will vote to maintain family values and will always fight for the right to life and defend all God’s children, born and unborn.

School Volunteer and Coach:

As the father of 4 boys, Sean Tarwater is a consummate volunteer. He spent many years at school as a volunteer in the lunch room to help the school serve hot lunches to the children and to help the children get ready for recess.  Tarwater volunteers to help with field trips and provide safety and structure while away from school. Tarwater has been a football coach for many years for his sons and he is still coaching one of them getting ready for the 8th grade St. Michael/ Ascension/Wea football team. Tarwater attends most of the daily masses that his children go to at St. Michaels, not just to pray with them but to provide a good example for them and their friends, just like his mother and father did for him. Tarwater’s mother was a teacher and his sister is currently teaching at Whittier Elementary in Kansas City, Kansas.  His wife, Lexie is the daughter of two school teachers and her father was also a Texas high school football coach. Tarwater is pro school and pro teacher.  Schools and teachers will get the funding they need and the HERO LAW will go a long way to help teachers and schools.


Picture below is of the 7th Grade St. Michael the Archangel class fieldtrip to the Capital Building to meet the Governor.

Team Tarwater School Volunteer

Gun Advocate:

Tarwater is a big believer in the 2nd amendment and will defend our right to bear arms.  His family has always been gun advocates and he knows Kansas is a safer place when its citizens can lawfully carry guns and defend themselves.  Gun ownership is our right and Tarwater will make sure we stay safe.  It just makes common sense!  Sean’s family has quite an extensive gun collection. Some of the collection can be viewed here (LINK):