HERO bill

Teachers, Military, Law Enforcement, Firefighters and Social Workers are all HEROES and they deserve more from Kansas! Over the years, Sean Tarwater has worked and lived alongside the HEROES of our society and he believes they deserve more.

Sean wants Topeka to pass his “HERO bill” that will protect the rights of these great HEROES. In short, the HERO bill will reward these selfless community figures by classifying them as HEROES and give them extra benefits and special income tax exemptions. Our HEROES deserve to be protected from frivolous and unjust lawsuits. Crimes against our HEROES need harsher punishments. Our HEROES should be exempt from paying any income tax to the state. Kansas Business owners are exempt from income tax, why should we not do the same for the men and women that already give so much to Kansas. Sean will also see that our HEROES receive the best benefits and healthcare offered.

Silhouette of three firemen fighting a huge fire of burning timberA smiling police officer with his patrol car in the background.Senior woman with her caregiver at homesoldrPortrait of teacher with elementary school girl at her desk