Strong Community Leader
Proven Business Leader
Tough on Crime
School Children #1 Priority
2nd Amendment Advocate

As YOUR State Representative, I would like to thank the great people of the 27th District for the opportunity to serve as State Representative of the 27th House District. It is a tremendous privilege to represent you in the legislature. I am committed to making Kansas a great place for our children and families to live, learn, work, and play. Thank you for entrusting me with the opportunity to help shape the future for Kansans.

“Keeping Promises”

I listened to your concerns.  I went to Topeka and did EXACTLY what I said I would do. I Stood firm.  I made the tough, hard choices that I Promised. I said all along that when I got back to Topeka, I would roll my sleeves up and go to work just as I have in all my other ventures in life. Together, we would fix Kansas!

I listened to your concerns, and took them to Topeka with me.  I went to work on your behalf, and I am very proud to say we have turned the ship.   We have made tremendous progress:


  • Our new budget will strengthen the state’s rainy-day fund; prevent an unsustainable expansion of government; and provide tax relief to Kansans. We took a prudent approach to spending, particularly pushing back on new government programs, because significant federal dollars have temporarily been flowing into the state due to COVID related stimulus packages. These “windfall” federal funds are going away, and we don’t need state taxpayers having to deal with with long-term debt.


  • We took  major steps to dramatically reduce the state’s debt and improve the financial footing of the state retirement system (KPERS) by shoring KPERS up for the long haul. We are protecting retirees’ pensions and saving taxpayers over $77 million a year in interest alone.


  • Disabled veterans and low and fixed-income seniors will be protected from skyrocketing property taxes thanks to action we took to effectively freeze their property taxes so they can stay in their own homes.


  • I sit on the K-12 Education Budget Committee and assured our budget fully funded our schools. With Blue Valley now budgeting over $17,000 per pupil, my efforts remain focused on directing those dollars to teachers and children in the classroom, with an emphasis on academic achievement and parent involvement/transparency. And while it was disappointing that Gov. Kelly vetoed the Parents’ Bill of Rights for education, I will keep pushing for more accountability and transparency to improve results for our kids.


  • I come from a family of teachers and I know how much they care about your children, and I know what they go through to help them; the sacrifices they may make for our children. I know that so many of our teachers are amazing people who invest their lives in the kids under their care. I was proud to support an individual income tax credit for Kansas teachers who purchase classroom supplies out of their own pockets. The credit will cover up to $250 per year in classroom expenses.
  • TEACHERS ARE IMPORTANT, and In the Appropriations Committee, I was proud to make the successful motion  to include funds to double the number of teacher scholarships to help address our teacher shortage.


  • As chairman of the Commerce Committee, I rewrote Kansas unemployment laws and created the Unemployment Modernization Council that has oversight of the Kansas Department of Labor. We helped thousands of Kansans cut through red tape and finally receive their benefits. We also ensured that Kansans will have a new unemployment platform and never again have to suffer through months of waiting for much needed assistance.


  • We dedicated $50 million in assistance to small businesses that suffered financial calamity due to government ordered pandemic shutdowns. Claims of up to $5,000 per small business can be made to the state and paid with federal funds received for COVID-related expenses.


  • To help close gaps in healthcare access and give patients more choices, we have expanded the authority of nurse practitioners to work in Kansas. We are the 25th state to give these highly trained medical professionals more flexibility in treating patients so citizens have additional healthcare provider options suited to their unique needs. Additionally, we passed transparency legislation this year
    to hold pharmacy benefits managers (PBMs) accountable.


  • Hard work supports families, builds communities, and contributes to human dignity. That’s why it is important  for us to help those in need step out of public assistance and back into the workforce. With our welfare reform efforts this session, able-bodied adults on public assistance who do not have dependents and who are not working full time will now be required to participate in employment
    training programs to help them on their journey back to gainful employment. This is good for individuals and good for the economy.


  • We are taking bold action to boost rural communities that don’t have enough housing to support the workforce
    needed for agriculture and other important industries. For years this housing crunch has limited our ability to grow the rural economy, so we are strategically kick-starting a solution by providing about $120 million in tax credits for new rural housing and $65 million for rural home construction.


  • We have strong laws to accomplish two important goals:

1) Ensure every legal vote is counted and

2) Prevent voter fraud.

In recent years, however, we’ve seen cases of governors, secretaries of state, and other officials across the country overstepping their authority and changing the rules in the middle of election cycles, even when their changes contradict state laws. We passed a bill to prevent this from happening in Kansas by requiring legislative approval, which would greatly increase transparency when sudden changes to the voting process are proposed. With Gov. Kelly blocking this common-sense approach, we will continue working to get this into law.

We are on the right track… Let’s not go back!

Strong Community leader

I am a believer in giving back to the community and I am a moral and dependable leader that puts people before politics. I am especially talented at working in volatile situations, very good at bringing people together to iron out differences and will lead people toward creating common sense solutions that work. Some of my recent positions have been rewarding and impactful. I served several years on the Finance Council at his church and school, St Michaels. I served as president of his HOA for  five years, and have been a member of the neighborhood community patrol, eradicating crime for four years.

Proven Business Leader

Sean earned an MBA from UMKC and has owned and operated several small businesses. He knows the hard work and dedication it takes to make a good business work. Tarwater is a job creator and currently employs forty people in his companies. Without his help, he fears his children will graduate from college into a jobless economy. He will work hard to make sure the Kansas economy thrives by encouraging more small businesses and high paying jobs to come to Kansas. He has several job creating plans that he will implement, once elected.

Tough on Crime:

As President of his HOA, Tarwater worked closely with the Sheriff’s Department to eradicate crime in his neighborhood and is a participant of the neighborhood patrol that eliminated crime. Sean supports law enforcement as well as tougher penalties for serious crimes and repeat offenders.

Tell Sean the issues that are most important to YOU. Sean is a tough, no-nonsense leader who always supports the best ideas – and he knows that those ideas come from you!

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